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About Us

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Incorporated in 1995, the Grand Canyon National Park Foundation is a 501(c)(3),
non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving Grand Canyon's irreplaceable natural, cultural, and historic resources while enhancing the visitor experience. The Foundation's mission is building a legacy of stewardship of Grand Canyon through private philanthropy, volunteer leadership, and public outreach.

The Foundation was created as a first step in expanding the circle of friends taking care of the Grand Canyon. As the official fundraising partner and "friends group" for Grand Canyon National Park, the Foundation seeks to broaden and diversify the park's funding base through private donations, corporate contributions, and citizen involvement. Although federal funding provides baseline support for the park, it is not enough for programs and projects that bring new opportunities and positive change for Grand Canyon and its visitors. The Grand Canyon National Park Foundation, working for one of the world's most popular and beloved parks, plays a leading role in the movement to give our national parks everything they need and deserve.

Donations from "Friends of Grand Canyon" support many needs in the park. Preserving historic buildings such as Kolb Studio on the edge of the South Rim, protecting endangered California condors and other wildlife species throughout the park, building 73 miles of wheelchair-accessible Greenway trails, and providing support for environmental education programs are just some of the different but essential activities in the life of this extraordinary national park. The Foundation's goal is to shape these and many other aspects of the park through active citizen stewardship. Become a Friend of Grand Canyon today. With your help, Grand Canyon National Park will become even more extraordinary!

Board of Directors
  • John McCain, honorary co-chairman, is a U.S. Senator (R) and former P.O.W., Vietnam;
  • Richard A. Naille II, chairman, is CEO of Amfac Parks & Resorts, retired;
  • Robert S. Diamond, treasurer, is a director of Dun & Bradstreet, retired - Scarsdale, New York;
  • Bill Anderson, board member, is president of Westrec Marinas - Encino, California;
  • Rob Arnberger, board member, is superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park, retired -     Tucson, Arizona;
  • Jim Babbitt, board member, owner of Babbitt's Backcountry Outfitters, Babbitt's Flyfishing     Specialists, and Tissaw's Sports Center - Flagstaff, Arizona;
  • Ron Boeddeker, board member, is owner of Cross Mountain Ranch - Steamboat Springs,     Colorado;
  • Stuart T. Peeler, board member, is Chairman of the Board of Putumayo Production Company Tucson, Arizona;
  • James Rogers, board member, is CEO of Sunbelt Communications - Las Vegas, NV;
  • Jack Schmidt, Ph.D., board member, is associate professor of Geography & Earth Resources     at Utah State University - Logan, Utah;
  • Thomas Tait, board member, is vice-president of business operations at Lake Las Vegas     Resort - Henderson, Nevada;
  • Steve Tedder, board member, is vice-president of Xanterra Parks & Resorts - Aurora,     Colorado;
  • Curt Walters, board member, is a nationally-renowned plein-aire artist focusing on Western     U.S. landscapes - Sedona, Arizona;
  • George M. Woodwell, Ph.D., board member, is director of the Woods Hole Research Center -     Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Advisory Board

  • Joe Alston, advisor, is superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park;
  • Roger Kennedy, advisor, is director of the National Park Service, retired;
  • Eugene Polk, advisor, is trustee of the Margaret T. Morris and J.W. Kieckhefer Foundations,     and chair emeritus of GCNPF;
  • Stewart Udall, advisor, is U.S. Secretary of the Interior, retired;
  • Charles Wilkinson, advisor, is distinguished professor at Colorado University School of Law - Boulder, CO.


  • Deborah E. Tuck, President
  • Fran Joseph, Development Associate
  • Bob Newtson, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations
  • Jackie Clark, Management Assistant & Membership Coordinator
  • Brad Dimock

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