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Projects and Programs

Donations from you to the Foundation directly support projects and programs that preserve and protect the park's natural, cultural, and historic resources. These are priority projects that receive little or no federal funding. You can play an active and meaningful role in making the Grand Canyon the best it can be! Click on the program areas below to see a list of specific projects that need support.
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Wildlife & Natural Resource Protection

Protection and preservation of Grand Canyon's wildlife has emerged as a key initiative for the Foundation. Limited funding for wildlife programs at Grand Canyon has reduced the park's ability to conduct research and develop effective strategies to manage and protect its wide array of plant and animal species. Below are priority wildlife projects supported by donors to the Foundation.

Trails at

Building new trails and preserving historic trails at Grand Canyon has become a top priority for the Foundation. The new Grand Canyon Greenway is already underway, with the first four miles of South Rim trails completed in 2002. Planning and design have begun for the first North Rim phase of the Greenway. Year 2003 marked the launch of the "Historic Trails Endowment" to help maintain and preserve the canyon's historic backcountry trails below the rim.

Historic Preservation

These long-term projects address preservation of the park's cultural and historic resources while improving the visitor experience through expanded educational opportunities and interpretive programs.

Youth Programs & Environmental Education

National parks have been called "universities without walls" for it is here where full immersion into America's fascinating landscapes, history, culture, art, and heritage can occur. At Grand Canyon National Park, the Foundation supports a number of educational opportunities for youngsters and young adults to learn about and experience the park first-hand.

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