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Grand Canyon Greenway

Imagine a system of biking and pedestrian trails at Grand Canyon, linking major points of interest throughout the park, and opening up miles and miles of spectacular vistas along both the South and North Rims. Such a trail system is now a reality, and it's called the Grand Canyon Greenway.

Thanks to the success of public/private partnership, the first two segments of the Grand Canyon Greenway on the South Rim are now open to the public. More funding is needed, however, to continue with planning and construction of future Greenway trail segments. We need your help!

South Rim Greenway
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The Grand Canyon Greenway is a key element of sweeping changes approved by Congress in 1995, addressing the need to protect the park's natural and cultural resources and improve the visitor experience. The Greenway helps solve the paradox of how to manage increasing visitation without building inappropriate facilities that place even greater burden on the canyon. As part of the park's new clean-air transit system, the Greenway will give people a choice and incentive to experience this national park as it once was. It will provide alternative transportation, health and exercise, and environmental benefits by accommodating the ever-growing number    of visitors to the canyon who want to truly experience the exhilaration of this natural wonder.

Overcrowding? Traffic congestion? The Greenway offers a solution to improve the visitor experience.
The multi-year Grand Canyon Greenway trail project will create a system of 73 miles of handicapped-accessible bicycle and pedestrian trails on both the South and North Rims. The Greenway will allow visitors to explore more areas along the canyon rim on foot, by bicycle, in a wheelchair, and (in some areas only) on horseback. It will transform the Grand Canyon from a series of overcrowded parking lots teaming with cars to a place where people have greater freedom to explore the area on their own terms, under their own power. The solitude, serenity, and natural quiet of the canyon will be restored, and visitors will enjoy a greatly enhanced, more profound experience.

With your help, the Grand Canyon Greenway will serve as a visionary model for all national parks in America, setting a new standard for resource protection, visitor use, and stewardship. Visit our Giving Page if you would like to make a donation to support the Greenway.

For more information about the Grand Canyon Greenway, click here.

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