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Heritage Education Campus

What Is It?
This multi-year, historic preservation project will renovate nine buildings for adaptive reuse within the 21-acre Grand Canyon Village. The transformation of these buildings over the next ten years - from utility and industrial use to an in-depth education and discovery campus - signals the vitality and rebirth of a new era at Grand Canyon National Park, as called for in the 1995 General Management Plan.

Heritage Education Campus
Heritage Education Campus
Click on the picture to view a full-size illustrated map, which contains additional links to each building.

The nine historic buildings that form the heart of the Heritage Education Campus (HEC) were all built between 1901 and 1935. Currently used as warehouses, maintenance, administrative, and other support facilities, all have retained their significant architectural value. Each of the buildings is listed on the National Historic Register, and as a group comprise the single largest intact collection of early rustic park architecture left in the entire National Park System.

The VisionInterpretive Center
The buildings and exterior spaces comprising the HEC will be linked through an innovative landscaping plan designed to illustrate thematic connections of the people, land, animals, and plants of Grand Canyon. Visitors will be able to wander from environmental education exhibits to American Indian craft demonstrations to the canyon rim and back. Families with children will find non-traditional playground areas with "kid-friendly" outdoor sculptures for climbing and exploring. There will be places to rent a bicycle, have a light meal, or just relax in quiet surroundings. A convenient network of bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways will provide easy access to the major staging areas of the park's new transportation system, which includes the Grand Canyon Greenway, light rail, and alternative-fuel shuttle buses.

The Goal
The HEC will provide visitors with a truly participatory experience, immersing them in the compelling history, culture, geology, and fragile ecosystems of the Grand Canyon. Each building will function as a center of learning connected to a major theme or component of the Grand Canyon story, featuring state-of-the-art exhibits and interactive displays, and integrating programs that allow for direct participation on various levels. Visitors of all ages can actively learn and experience the wonders and complexities of Grand Canyon in ways never before possible.

Ideally, the HEC will help foster a commitment of stewardship and preservation of the Grand Canyon's vulnerable beauty and irreplaceable natural resources. At this level, the HEC works to integrate the Grand Canyon -- and all national parks -- into our human legacy, bringing greater awareness and recognition of its powerful capacity to engage us physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

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